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Know Your Audience: Understand the qualifications and expectations of dentists in Australia so that you can ensure your job advert reflects a position that is genuinely appealing to potential candidates. 

Highlight Key Requirements: Clearly outline essential qualifications, such as any specialised skills or prior experience required.

Emphasise Benefits: Showcase attractive aspects of the position, such as work-life balance (4 day week/9 day fortnight/additional leave), professional development opportunities (list some the clinic has done previously), and competitive compensation packages.

Be Specific: Provide details about the role, including duties, responsibilities, and any unique aspects of the practice or clinic. Stating the salary offer will also exponentially increase the interest from prospective candidates. Our research suggests that stating an exact salary, or a salary range, does not affect the level of interest. This indicates that prospective candidates are looking for transparency more than the highest salary offer.

Communicate clearly, but include brand personality: Write in a concise manner, but don’t forget that this may be your first impression. Include brand messaging, typical verbage to build familiarity with your potential employees.  The advert should not read as stark, solely professional and direct - make it enticing for the candidate to submit an application. 

Showcase Your Ethos: Describe the workplace environment and company ethos to attract candidates who align with your values.

Include Location Information: Specify the location of the practice or clinic and any relevant details about the surrounding area. This may include nearby shopping centres, schools, cafes as these may be influential elements in the applicants’ personal life, i.e., having a school close by that offers after school care may mean a working parent can extend their available hours/days. 


Optimise for Search: Use relevant keywords related to dentistry and the specific role to improve the visibility of your ad in online searches or platforms, i.e., general dental, dental practice. 

Highlight Career Growth: Discuss opportunities for professional advancement and career development within your organisation. A great example of this is the pathway from dental assistant to practice manager - if this is a viable option within your clinic.

Provide Clear Application Instructions: Clearly outline how candidates can apply for the position, including any required documents or additional steps in the application process.

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